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Our Leadership

Starting with our Leadership Team, the staff at PCG Public Partnerships make it our business to make sure participant direction works for you.

Find out what is most important about working in participant direction for our Leadership Team:


Marc Fenton

Marc Fenton, President

"I have worked in public health and human services all my career. I have never seen a service delivery model so enthusiastically welcomed by consumers and embraced by the widest range of people served in public programs."

Will Weddleton

Will Weddleton, Chief Operating Officer

"I truly value our role in helping participants lead more fulfilling lives. We get to do this by helping our clients run effective participant direction programs so they can help individuals who need support to live in home and community based settings."

Jack Liu

Jack Liu, Chief Information Officer

"Being able to help give participants the decision making authority and responsibility is a rewarding experience that is important to me. I like facilitating and accomplishing successful delivery model outcomes."

Jim McInnis

Jim McInnis, Chief Financial Officer

"Bringing the best available tools to those we serve and pay every week, providing timely and accurate information, and ensuring the program operates well and is compliant with all the rules. Well managed programs empower choice today and set the stage for future innovation."

Jay Egan

Jay Egan, Director of Managed Care

"Working with participant direction programs allows me an opportunity to use my business skills every day in improving the independence, dignity and wellbeing of others."

Ralph Choate

Ralph Choate, Director Operations Analysis and Improvement

"Listening to customer calls is important to me; we frequently hear about how our services make a difference in peoples' lives. My team takes great pride in their contributions to the many communities we serve across the country."

Christine Morelli

Christine Morelli, Manager of Marketing

“As I've matured I've come to realize that the work I do needs to positively impact people. Being independent is something I value strongly, participant direction, in many cases, gives independence back to people and that independence creates the freedom to live life the way they want to - that is why participant direction matters.”

Colleen Fox Swartz

Colleen Fox Swartz, Manager

"I want to ensure that individuals are given an alternative to institutional care and control over their long-term care services."

David Horvath

David Horvath, Manager

"Participant direction increases participant satisfaction and quality of life, expands the direct care workforce, and strengthens home and community based services."

Craig Connors

Craig Connors, Manager

“I am committed to self-determination. Every individual should have control over his or her life, including place of residence and services received. Participant Direction helps make self-determination a reality for so many people who otherwise may not have the ability to achieve it.”

Sandy Kasprzak

Sandy Kasprzak, Associate Manager

"The foundation of participant direction is in transferring control and choice back to the individual/family receiving services. It is an honor to work in this service and it is our professional responsibility to do it right."

Gabrielle Steckman

Gabrielle Steckman, Associate Manager

"I care about being part of something that promotes and supports people leading rich and meaningful lives, whatever that may look like for each individual."

Tara Himmel

Tara Himmel, Manager

"Participant direction empowers independence and creates opportunities for individuals to have more control over their life and services. It is a privilege to know the work we do makes such a difference in people’s lives."

Peter O'Connor

Peter O'Connor, Manager

"Public Partnerships helps to ensure that each small step in the right direction may be the biggest step in someone’s life. It is a great feeling to be part of a team that is helping people in need.” "

Lisa Taylor

Lisa Taylor, Sr. Director of Financial Services and Operations

"Our Financial Operations team is committed to doing their very best to provide all consumers and providers with the highest quality enrollment, payroll and tax processing services."